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about Mensen.

Mensen is an artist, designer, writer and community facilitator.

Her public practice is rooted in poetry, muralism, illustration, design and participatory workshops. She utilizes participatory storytelling and design to collaborate with groups working on Movement and social justice campaigns, memory-keeping and collective healing and liberation.

Mensen has also worked in the education, non-profit, media, arts, and direct-service sectors, and within local and transnational grassroots initiatives working with and for working class and poor communities, women and youth.

Mensen’s personal practice explores social relationships, power + vulnerability, violence, spirituality, defiance, the dystopian present, trauma, healing justice, disability, femininity, queerness and working-class visual language. She believes everyone is inherently creative, art is about ideas, and that making is a form of alchemy that can transform relationships.  She is a proud daughter of her Norwegian immigrant mother.

Some of her major achievements include the recognition of her collaborative community murals by the City of New York and the US Consulate in Mexico, the creation of a national oral history and media campaign that preserved and amplified 150+ conversations between people impacted by mass incarceration, an internationally acclaimed poem written to working-class girls, and management of the community engagement and production strategy of an ambitious city-wide project.

Mensen is a femme, queer, working-class, Norwegian-American, first-generation, first-gen college graduate and a survivor of intimate partner and sexual violence. She brings this personal experience and an accompanying ethos of empathy, respect, integrity and nuance to all of her work and collaborations.