Collaboration is essential to my work as a community artist and facilitator. While I bring particular concrete and conceptual skills to the table, my most important task is to facilitate interactions where participants and collaborators can explore new social relationships with those they work alongside. In this process, we learn to trust ourselves, to be brave and open, to share, heal and create. It is not always an easy or seamless process, but I believe it is a transformative one. Through collaboration, we can expand our notions of what our relationships are to one another, and become accountable to our individual abilities as well as our group dynamic. I believe that through this process, we create the most important work. Collaboration breaks down notions of genius, talent, and teleology. It is through synthesis that we uncover sincerity, and this sincerity resonates in the work and resulting relationships.

Murals and other works in public space are an ideal venue to create a final “product” of the collaborative process.  The process of painting collaboratively-designed murals offers a unique mind-body experience for both the individual and the group.  My facilitation of this process is trauma-informed, healing-focused and appropriate for all age and experience levels.  Fabricating the mural, as a team, can encourage group ownership of space, as well as offer an opportunity to literally be a part of creating something much larger than oneself. To commission my services as a community muralist, contact me here.

Selected projects

“here goes something”

brooklyn navy yard, 2012


Park slope collegiate high school, 2012



Press: Lared Noticias, Muy Juarense, Regeneracion

“Kaleidoscope Dream”

brooklyn navy yard, 2012

Select solo projects + productions