Personal Practice



(Current Series-In-Progress)

MERCY! is a confessional series in early stages of development. MERCY! illustrates dreams, epiphanies and research, and explores a personal journey in the aftermath of life-threatening violence and navigating healing from trauma and intimate partner violence.

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OK, Stupid.

Confessional Sketchbook Series, 2011-2014

From 2011-2014, I worked on a sketchbook series of self-portraits inspired by self-representation of women in the digital age and online dating as a young, working-class feminist survivor navigating a surveillance/exhibition culture. The series plays with questions of the gaze, and looks to the intersection between both the history of women’s self-portraiture and today’s selfie culture, as well as confessional writing and status updates. You can read more about Ok, Stupid here.

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Women and Monsters


In my personal sketchbook practice, I’ve been exploring imagery incorporating myth, monstrosity and femininity since my adolescence.

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