In 2014, after my poem 19 Things went viral, I was offered a solo show.

Instead, I used the opportunity to found a project I’d dreamed of for years: Yeah, That’s What She Said.

Yeah, That's What She Said (YTWSS) was a series of women-lead arts, activism and education events that built relationships and experiences through the arts and activism. YTWSS centered art and workshops by working class and poor women, women of color, immigrant women, trans women and queer women. Each year, YTWSS brought together hundreds of women, femmes, non-binary folks, allies and accomplices together through a series of events, panels, film screenings, readings, workshops and art shows across New York City. Rooted in cultural organizing, community activism, peer mentorship and a DIY, grassroots ethos, YTWSS supported the growth of countless young intersectional feminist organizers, artists and educators.

I was the founder and a lead organizer through 2017, and YTWSS is still active on social media.